Just visit the ID Card Services office on the second floor of Follett Bookstore or online at http://dining.nmsu.edu.

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It is your permanent student ID card plus a debit card for food services on campus. Each time you visit Taos Dining Hall, a meal swipe is deducted from your account balance. If you visit another campus location the amount of your purchase is deducted from your Aggie Dining Dollars. Your card is encoded, validated and can be used 24 hours after activation.

Lost or stolen NMSU ID/Meal Cards can be replaced. Lost cards must be reported to the ID Card Office immediately. Their office is located on the second floor of Follett Bookstore. They can also be reached via phone at (575) 646-4835.

For your protection, the only person authorized to use your card is you. For that reason, meal plan meal swipes are non-transferable. Aggie Dining Dollars can pay for a guest if someone is dining with you.

Visit the ID Card Services office on the second floor of Follett Bookstore. They can also be reached via phone at (575) 646-4835.

The Premium Platinum or Classic Crimson meal plans are mandatory for all First Year Experience students living on campus in a residence hall. If you are not a First Year Experience Resident Student, then you are not required to purchase a meal plan but can (and should) choose from any of the meal plans that are offered.

While students who live off-campus are not required to have a meal plan, many off-campus students eat one or more of their meals on-campus each day. Whether you’re eating in Taos Dining Hall or another retail restaurant, any of the dining plans will save you money while dining on-campus. There is a special $10 rate in Taos Dining Hall if you use dining dollars.

Aggie Dining Dollars are an additional type of currency that is used to purchase food from campus dining locations. One Aggie Dining Dollar is equal to one dollar. With each meal plan there are differing amounts of Aggie Dining Dollars and you can choose what’s right for you based on your dining habits. There is a special $10 rate in Taos Dining Hall if you use dining dollars.

Yes, you can pay cash at any of the dining facilities on campus. They also accept credit cards, debit cards and Aggie Ca$h.

No, unused meal swipes do not carry over from semester to semester. However, Aggie Dining Dollars do carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester of a given school year but not from a separate school year to the following school year. Plan to use all of your meals and Aggie Dining Dollars by the end of the spring semester of a given school year.

After making a purchase the register readout will reflect the remaining amount of meal swipes/ Aggie Dining Dollars on your account depending on how you paid for your purchase.

Yes. All of our facilities offer wellness, vegetarian, vegan, or organic options. These options are noted on the menu signs and some labels.

No problem! Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. Food allergies are very important especially when you are dining away from home. If you have a food allergy of any kind, then please ask the dining staff if the allergen is in the food you are purchasing. Any of our dining staff would be happy to help. For more information, please contact our main office in Corbett Center Student Union Room 130 or call (575) 646-4801.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact NMSU Dining at (575) 646-4801.